April 23, 2015

Sant Jordi '15

Oh yes!! It's my favourite day of the year again: 23rd April, "Sant Jordi"!

I love this date because in Catalonia we have the tradition in which men give a rose to women, and we give men a book as a present (but nowadays we girls get both things, yay!).
That means today Barcelona (and every city in Catalonia) looks even more beautiful with its streets full of roses and books, it's impossible to stay at home today!

And here's the dragon of St. George's legend, I love the story but I always feel sorry for the dragon, he was just a bit hungry! xDD So I prefer to make it look adorable and give the story a happy ending for everyone.
By the way, I'm sorry I've been posting the same picture for the last 3 years :_D I hope next year I'll finally have time enough to make a new illustration to celebrate this beautiful day! :D

Happy world book day and St. George's Day!
Feliç Diada de Sant Jordi
¡Feliz Día del Libro!

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