June 16, 2014

Sailor Moon collab!

This is my artwork for the "Sailor Moon 50 Collab" ( #sailormoon50collab) on twitter!

When I was a kid, I was late for school every morning because I stood in front of the tv watching Sailor Moon, I loved it so much...! Then, when I was in high school, I started reading manga comics and that influenced A LOT my drawing style, of course one of my first references was Sailor Moon :)

Sailor Moon and Sailor Venus have always been my favourite characters, I still can't believe I made it on time to get into this collab and choose one of them for my illustration! :D

Thanks a lot to Chelsey Holeman for making this amazing collab possible

"I am Sailor Moon, champion of Justice!"

June 1, 2014

Happy birthday, Marilyn ♡

Today's the birthday of probably the most adorable and sensual creature that has ever existed,
the woman that always inspires all my artworks... Marilyn Monroe!

I could spend hours talking about how much I admire her, I love her movies since I was a kid and I've been always amazed by her personality, how she could be so sweet, flirty, fragile, femenine and sensual... all at the same time! She's such an inspiration for me, now I always look for that "sweet & sensual" perfect combination; so this little tribute is my way to say thanks to her... for being so wonderful! :)

Happy birthday, sweet Marilyn ♡  !

If you feel curious, this is the scene from "Some Like it Hot" my pin up is inspired on, 
you should watch the entire movie, it's just perfect!