January 26, 2015

Poker Lady

A few weeks ago, my friends taught me to play poker, at first I had NO IDEA of what I was doing and of course I lost quickly! haha but now... gosh, shame on them, I'm completely obsessed with this game! xDD

Next time I'm going to try this move, I'll beat everyone for sure! xDD

So, thanks to this new obsession, I used this theme for one of my daily doodles. And I liked it so much that I painted it but in a sketchy style, like this other daily doodle.
I must confess I feel really comfortable with this style and I'm going to colour some of my daily sketches like this, because I can't live without adding some colour to everything I do...!

January 12, 2015

Hello 2015!

So, 2014 has been a crazy and hard-working year... until the very last day!
2 weeks before Christmas I decided to print some calendars, which is something I've wanted to do for many years but never got the time... and surprisingly this year I made it right on time!

Wrapping all the calendars was fun but it took a lot of work, thanks to my mother in law for helping me!
(Gràcies per tota l'ajuda, Carme!)

At first I was going to print just a few but as the news began to spread, people kept asking for more and more calendars, so I finally printed a lot more than I thought and... they're all sold out! I still can't believe it!

UPDATE: as I'm still getting requests to purchase my calendar, I'm going to print a few more.
Please if you want one this is your last chance! Send me an email to ariartna@gmail.com to preorder yours ;)

So I've been thinking, maybe it's the moment to get serious about opening my own online store (maybe in Etsy, Society6... or both xDD) so I could sell some prints, bookmarks, or my next year's calendar.. ;)
Please feel free to comment which stuff you would like me to sell, all ideas are welcome!

And talking about New Year's resolutions, I've included "daily sketches" on my list again (like every year xD), these are the first daily doodles of 2015! I want to work even harder this year :D