September 29, 2014

Hot Summer

I keep working hard to improve my skills!

I started this pin up just to have fun drawing a curvy body, but then I decided I wanted to make something more than just "a sexy lady". So I gave a context to her sensual pose, and this hot weather has been the perfect inspiration.

It has also been a great way to practice lighting effects :)

To make it more homelike, I included a little dog... aren't corgis just adorable?! *o*

Taking a cold and refreshing juice while reading about paradisiac beaches,
a good way to try to escape from the hot weather!

September 2, 2014

Disney sketches vol. 1 - The Little Mermaid

Lately I felt like I need to take a step forward to improve my skills, to create better illustrations with fluid movements and expressive characters, more detailed backgrounds, etc.

So I've decided to face new challenges! And the first one is practicing face expressions. To make it more fun, I practice while watching a Disney movie and I draw many expressions I see. It's not that I want to simply copy the screencap, I want to understand the pose, the movement, learn the details of each character and its personality but drawing it in my own style anyway...

That's a lot of things to achieve but I'm having a lot of fun xD

The first movie I've chosen is "The Little Mermaid", because Ariel is very expressive and charming
...Next one will be "Aladdin"! ;)

UPDATE: I felt guilty for not drawing prince Eric, so here he is
(also I couldn't resist to draw Ariel with that funny face xD