March 26, 2014

Good morning

These days I'm working on a new project I'm very excited about!

I still can't tell you anything about it but I will as soon as possible and while I'm busy working on it I'll keep posting daily sketches and some wips of the drawings I'm preparing for my new portfolio :)

Also I want to thank everyone for your birthday wishes this 23rd March, you're so sweet!

For some reason I felt like drawing a red-haired girl *^^*

March 13, 2014

Aloha ~

So... I've finally joined the Girls Drawin' Girls weekly theme "mermaids"! xD

At first I wanted to make something quick, just for fun, but I really liked the rough sketch and I couldn't stop working on it... and well, after several hours, here's the final result :D

Also I gave her a hawaiian look because I'm just too tired of this cold winter... xD

March 12, 2014

Featured on "Pin Up and Cartoon Girls" blog!

What a surprise I had this morning...!

My artworks have been featured on the "Pin Up and Cartoon Girls" blog!
I use to visit this blog 2 or 3 times a week so it was a huge surprise and of course, I feel very honoured :)

To see the post just follow this link:

March 4, 2014

The Roaring 20s

Another drawing for Girls Drawin' Girls weekly theme, this time it was "The Roaring 20's"!

I confess I've been obsessed with the 20's fashion since I was a child, every year for carnival I wanted to dress like that and now with movies like "The Great Gatsby" the obession is back xD

The last themes on GDG have been "Forest Creatures" and...."Mermaids"!! No need to say , I LOVE them (specially the mermaids one xD), so I hope I'll get some time to draw something for them soon!

Also, I'm happy to say I keep doodling something new everyday, it's such a good exercise! Here are some sketches from this weekend:

Lately I'm trying to draw more boys, drawing cute girls is what I love the most but sometimes I draw male characters, so I don't forget how to draw a man xD