February 26, 2014

500 followers on Instagram!

Wohoo, I've just reached 500 followers on Instagram!! THANK YOU SO MUCH ♥ !

Ok I'll be sincere... I usually post lots of photos of yummy meals xDD and also I post some pics of my pets, please forgive me, but my cat is just so cute that I can't help it! >///<
But I swear I post loooots of sketches, drawings and wips too! In fact, Instagram is probably the best way to see the full process of all my illustrations.

So if you want you can follow me here: instagram.com/ariartna :)

February 19, 2014

Daily sketches

Here are some doodles and sketches I did a few days ago!

This one is inspired on Angelina Jolie, wearing a sexy tuxedo at the BAFTA's ceremony.
She looked so BEAUTIFUL I needed to draw her *o*

You can see a photo of it here ♡ 

Now I always take a little sketchbook with me, so I can draw anywhere and anytime :)

February 12, 2014

I'm a "Girls Drawin' Girls" member!

GREAT news! Now I'm a member of the female artists group "Girls Drawin' Girls" ! >///<

This is a dream come true for me, thanks to them I've known great artists I truly admire and I've been longing to become part of the group for years, so this is a huge honour (....wow, 2014 has just started and it's already a great year! xD).

So from now on you'll be able to see some of my drawings on GDG's blog and also on their Facebook page! Please follow us ^___^

And to celebrate it I made a quick drawing of Gigi, the pretty mascot of GDG, isn't she cute?

Also, every week all members choose a weekly theme and we all post our drawings about it
on GDG's blog, last week's theme was "yoga" and this was my illustration for it:

Those who have cats will understand me...
This is what happens everytime I try to workout at home xD

February 5, 2014

"Frozen" Disney princesses fan art

I couldn't finish this Disney Princesses collection without these two lovely sisters... ;)

Since I watched "Frozen" I'm totally obsessed with it! So I had a wonderful time working on this illustration, drawing this beautiful dresses while listening to its soundtrack... (now I know all the lyrics! xDD)

I can't wait to draw Anna and Elsa again, and Kristoff, Olaff, oh and Hans, my dear Hans...

This illustration is bigger than usual (for me),
so here are some close-ups and sketches to see every detail!

I've spent hours and hours drawing all the details of their clothes... and I had A LOT of fun doing it.
I'm really amazed by the costume designs of this movie *o*