September 30, 2016

● September's Pin up Girl ●

Fall season is all about Back to School vibes!

For this page of my 2016 Pin up Calendar I just could think of that contradictory feeling I had when the summer was over, I had to go back to school and I was kinda happy to see my friends again but... I knew I was gonna miss those summer days waking up at 12.
Too bad for me that's over forever and now as a freelancer I barely remember what it's like spending the summer lazing around ;_____________;

But anyway, school uniforms are so cute I put a lot of details I love on this pin up!

Of course I didn't miss this chance to make a little tribute to my favourite school girl

Happy Back to School!


September 22, 2016

Officer Judy Hopps at your service!

Is there anyone who doesn't love Zootopia?!

Since the moment I watched the trailer I knew I was gonna like it, but it took just 2 minutes of the film for me to fall in love with it and become a devoted fan of Judy Hopps. She's amazing!

Also this has been a great way to practice with my Cintiq and test some new brushes, this is my first 100% digital illustration, from the sketch to the final colour!

Since I wanted to make a human version of Judy, I felt like rabbit ears would have look weird (but cute), 
so I looked for a way of doing something similar but with her own hair. Twin tails!

... But I drew bunnies in her notebook! :P

Also, the movie has such beautiful character designs, highly detailed environments with such great atmosphere... that I needed to get its wonderful artbook! - trust me, if you don't have it, leave everything you're doing and get a copy of this little diamond *o* -

Oh, and I also got a Judy Hopps Infinity 3.0 figurine...

... Ok, I'm totally obsessed about the movie - this is how my last birthday looked like -

Well, Disney... when is a sequel going to be announced?!!
We're eager to watch it!!

\( * o * )/

August 31, 2016

☼ August's Pin up Girl ☼

Summer is almost over and it's time to say goodbye to the hottest girl of my 2016 Pin up Calendar!

For this month I wanted to make something special, very summerish and thinking about iconic beach babes of course Pamela Anderson and Baywatch came to my mind.

Actually, drawing and painting that sexy swimsuit was so much fun :P

I haven't posted much lately, and that's because I've spent the summer working hard on some projects I can't show... yet. But I'll be back very soon with more pin up girls and some super great news!

Enjoy your summer everyone!

☼  ☼ 

July 19, 2016

★ July's Pin up Girl ★

YAY! I finally get to show you my 2nd favourite girl of my 2016 Pin up Calendar!

For July's page I wanted to make something funny and very colorful, because summer is the time to just relax and have fun! Also, according to this month's girl it's also the time to not wear any clothes xDD

And, as with my other favourite calendar girl, the bunny lady from March, I have big plans for this playful beauty, so expect to see her again very soon ;)

You can still get one of the last copies of my 2016 Pin up Calendar but hurry up 
because I just have a few left...!

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of her and also of other girls from my calendar!

★   ★    

July 6, 2016

Beauty and the Book

You ask me for a pin up commission, you make me happy
You ask me for a Disney fan art commission, you make me super happy
You ask for both, you melt me of pure happiness.

This time it's been a Beauty and the Beast fan art and since it has always been one of my favourite Disney movies, you can imagine how much I've enjoyed working on this

When I do a pinup fan art, since the character is not "mine", I like to sink into the character's world, into her personality and then I think in which way she would look sensual in a natural way.

This time, with Belle, I've focused on her "book-worm" side, and how much she'd love to spend a peaceful evening reading and lying on her favourite couch, surrounded by an intimate light...

June 30, 2016

☀ June's Pin up Girl ☀

Last day of June and perfect excuse to show you the first summer lady of my Pin up Calendar!

The idea for this pin up was in my mind long before I started working on the calendar and then I realized it fitted perfectly its "summer section".
It has some of my favorite things of the season like cute and colorful outfits and yeah, WATERMELON. I just couldn't survive without it! (well ok, and ice cream xDD).

And if you liked this one just wait to see July's girl... one of my favourites!

Remember you can still get one of the last copies left of my 2016 Calendar and make sure you have a super sweet year with the 12 pin up illustrations I made specially for it!

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☀  ☀ 

May 18, 2016

✿ May's Pin up Girl ✿

And here's May, the last spring girl of my Pin up Calendar (summer's almost here, yay!)

It was so fun to design her outfit, sweet and delicate as a flower. I wanted her to be some kind of tyrolean girl and, as I designed it while watching Card Captor Sakura, her cute dresses were a great source of inspiration *o*

So, we're almost at the middle of the year but you still can get my 2016 Calendar and enjoy every month full of sweetness and sensuality with the 12 pin up illustrations I made specially for it. Choose your special promo of my calendar here! ;D

And like with every girl of my calendar,
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✿ ✿ ✿

May 9, 2016

Lovely Trizia

This weekend I met Pedro Pérez at the Saló del Còmic de Barcelona (Barcelona's Comic Con),
and I didn't want to miss the chance to thank him for being such an inspiration,
so I made this fan art of his sweet character, Trizia for the occasion.

Check out his pin up artworks, he's such an anatomy master!

May 4, 2016

May the 4th Be with You

  Happy Star Wars Day everyone!

I've been longing to make a fan art of Rey since the first minute she appeared on The Force Awakens
but the movie made me cry SO MUCH that my heart need some time to recover... 
so many feelings ;________;

But YAY! The saga now has a super cool lead character and I can't think of anyone else 
more perfect than Daisy Ridley for the role, can't wait to watch the next movies!!

May the Force be with you

April 28, 2016

❀ April's Pin up Girl ❀

Now that April is almost over, it's a good moment to show you its calendar girl, right? xD

Usually, when I make a "springish" illustration, I tend to fill it with millions of flowers, something I always regret because I don't like drawing flowers =__=u BUT I always end up doing it again (and regretting again, it's the circle of life...).
So it's a miracle I didn't end up drawing tons and tons of flowers here and did butterflies instead!

But don't worry, flowers are on May's page xDD

Can't believe we're almost at the middle of the year... ! But you still have time to enjoy the 12 pin up illustrations of my 2016 Calendar, hurry up and get yours to enjoy full of sweetness and sensuality. You can see all the special promos of my calendar here!

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March 30, 2016

Life Drawing studies

Some months ago I realized how important it is for an artist to spend some time making life drawing studies - specially for me that I'm all about female anatomy...!

So, now I save around 30 minutes every day to practice and I can already see the improvements!
Since I still haven't found a nice place around here to go to life drawing classes, at the moment I'm using many tutorials from Pinterest, and practice websites.
* This is one of my favourites:

Good news is yesterday I found a good solution for the life drawing classes:
Last week I went to my favourite coffee shop to eat my favourite chocolate cake and pre-celebrate my birthday BUT I did more than just eat, I swear xDD I took my sketchbook with me and spent the whole afternoon drawing the people there, LOVED IT.
It was amazing seeing real people interact, and not just take my references from photos from Google. 

This was so fun to observe: the girl one the left was devouring the cake and not listening to anyone. 
When her friend, who wouldn't stop talking and taking selfies, 
realized the cake was halfway gone, she shut up and hurry to eat some

Too bad this girl left before I could finish (yeah, her arm xDD)
Remember, next time you leave a place, make sure there's not an artist drawing you!

I recommend doing this to everyone!!
And if you're curious, this is how my favourite chocolate cake looks like:

Sexy, huh? :P

♥  ♥ 

March 27, 2016

♥ March's Pin up Girl ♥

Happy Easter
everyone! /(・ × ・)\

And this time I'm really super excited to show you my favourite girl from my 2016 Pin up Calendar!!

Whenever I make a pin up illustration I become fond of the girl I'm "bringing to life" but this lovely bunny has really ended up being very special to me.
She represents everything I like: my favourite colours - pink and blue - cute and sexy outfit, my most desired hairstyle and... chocolate easter eggs!

That's why she has become the profile picture in all my social networks. And there's, more coming... I have big plans for this soft tailed lady, stay tuned!

Time is running out so fast I can't believe March is almost gone, but this is just the 3rd the 12 pin up illustrations of my 2016 Calendar, hurry up and get yours to enjoy full of sweetness and sensuality. You can see all the special promos of my calendar here!

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/(・ × ・)\


March 10, 2016

Princess Leia commission

Who's the biggest baddass of the galaxy?
Princess Leia Organa!

This pin up has been one of the commissions I've enjoyed the most (maybe my renewed Star Wars hype due to The Force Awakens has something to do about it xD). I'm usually too busy with my platonic love for Han Solo but Leia is simply awesome *o*

Since her majesty is such a strong character, it was very important to keep her bold personality
while bringing some erotism to her iconic white dress.

"I don't know who you are or where you came from, 
but from now on you'll do as I tell you"

February 17, 2016

Original drawings

These are some of the drawings I've made specially for people who got the
"Calendar + original sketch" special pack of my 2016 Pin up Calendar :)

Every drawing I make is always very special to me, no matter if it's an elaborate piece for my portfolio or just a doodle in a restaurant napkin, it's something I really treasure.

So giving them away is quite important for me, but it also makes me extremely happy to know that all of them are in good hands now and with people that truly appreciate them (´▽`ʃƪ)

Thanks to everyone who purchased my calendar and specially this pack!

And for those who still haven't got my calendar, it's not too late! 
You can purchase one of the last copies left on my Bigcartel shop ;)

Thank you~  !