April 28, 2016

❀ April's Pin up Girl ❀

Now that April is almost over, it's a good moment to show you its calendar girl, right? xD

Usually, when I make a "springish" illustration, I tend to fill it with millions of flowers, something I always regret because I don't like drawing flowers =__=u BUT I always end up doing it again (and regretting again, it's the circle of life...).
So it's a miracle I didn't end up drawing tons and tons of flowers here and did butterflies instead!

But don't worry, flowers are on May's page xDD

Can't believe we're almost at the middle of the year... ! But you still have time to enjoy the 12 pin up illustrations of my 2016 Calendar, hurry up and get yours to enjoy full of sweetness and sensuality. You can see all the special promos of my calendar here!

And there's a now a lovely spring feeling on my Society6 store
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