September 22, 2016

Officer Judy Hopps at your service!

Is there anyone who doesn't love Zootopia?!

Since the moment I watched the trailer I knew I was gonna like it, but it took just 2 minutes of the film for me to fall in love with it and become a devoted fan of Judy Hopps. She's amazing!

Also this has been a great way to practice with my Cintiq and test some new brushes, this is my first 100% digital illustration, from the sketch to the final colour!

Since I wanted to make a human version of Judy, I felt like rabbit ears would have look weird (but cute), 
so I looked for a way of doing something similar but with her own hair. Twin tails!

... But I drew bunnies in her notebook! :P

Also, the movie has such beautiful character designs, highly detailed environments with such great atmosphere... that I needed to get its wonderful artbook! - trust me, if you don't have it, leave everything you're doing and get a copy of this little diamond *o* -

Oh, and I also got a Judy Hopps Infinity 3.0 figurine...

... Ok, I'm totally obsessed about the movie - this is how my last birthday looked like -

Well, Disney... when is a sequel going to be announced?!!
We're eager to watch it!!

\( * o * )/

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