March 30, 2016

Life Drawing studies

Some months ago I realized how important it is for an artist to spend some time making life drawing studies - specially for me that I'm all about female anatomy...!

So, now I save around 30 minutes every day to practice and I can already see the improvements!
Since I still haven't found a nice place around here to go to life drawing classes, at the moment I'm using many tutorials from Pinterest, and practice websites.
* This is one of my favourites:

Good news is yesterday I found a good solution for the life drawing classes:
Last week I went to my favourite coffee shop to eat my favourite chocolate cake and pre-celebrate my birthday BUT I did more than just eat, I swear xDD I took my sketchbook with me and spent the whole afternoon drawing the people there, LOVED IT.
It was amazing seeing real people interact, and not just take my references from photos from Google. 

This was so fun to observe: the girl one the left was devouring the cake and not listening to anyone. 
When her friend, who wouldn't stop talking and taking selfies, 
realized the cake was halfway gone, she shut up and hurry to eat some

Too bad this girl left before I could finish (yeah, her arm xDD)
Remember, next time you leave a place, make sure there's not an artist drawing you!

I recommend doing this to everyone!!
And if you're curious, this is how my favourite chocolate cake looks like:

Sexy, huh? :P

♥  ♥ 

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  1. Good stuff!! have you ever heard of the artist Dean Yeagle? your work reminds me of his