May 14, 2015

Veggies canvas

As you may remember, last Christmas I printed my own pin-up artworks calendar and to my surprise I sold lots and lots of copies! Part of this was thanks to my mother-in-law, who truly helped me a lot to promote, sell and even pack them
I felt so grateful, that I prepared a little surprise to thank her: an original painting on canvas about one of her favourite hobbies, veggies! :P

I swear it's been YEARS since the last time I touched gouaches, you can imagine how nervous I was before starting to paint it! xDD But then I felt very comfortable with the technique and I loved the fact that, unlike watercolours, I got bright and intense colours (that's one of the main reasons I don't usually paint with traditional techniques... Ok, that and the magic "undo" button xD).

Amb carinyo, per a la Carme!

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