December 2, 2014

Love at Peggy's

And finally here's the last piece of my new portfolio!
Again, I've challenged myself and left my comfort zone. This time I've worked hard to include a lot of details and more characters than usual, to give a little story to my illustration.

I love the cute retro style, everything looks so pretty!

As you might have guessed, it is inspired on the movie "Grease", one of my favourite movies!
I wanted to represent the fun and cute style of the 50s with a lovely couple in a classic diner and enjoying lots of delicious meals.
All the illustration is based on two colours: blue and pink. Though these kind of restaurants are usually decorated with strong colours - like the popular black & white tiles floor -, I decided to use a soft colours palette instead, to create a more romantic and sweet atmosphere.

I painted the background with softer and more monochromatic tones, to create the ambience,
and the front area with stronger colours to highlight the characters and the food.

Yummy, yummy! You can tell that painting all this food made me very hungry! xD

A detail of the background.

And last, a super early sketch. The girl didn't even have any clothes on yet! xD

I hope you liked this new illustration, I await your comments!


  1. It's Amazing Ariadna. ^^
    You are working very hard.

    1. Thank you so much UTLA ;)
      It's always good to challenge yourself!

  2. Qué bonito y cuanto trabajo!! Me llama la atención lo que comentas de los colores porque la cadena Peggy Sue's está decorada en esta misma gama. Con eso y el titulo pensaba que te habías basado en sus locales XD

    1. Gracias Joanna!
      La verdad es que, como explico, queria pintar un "diner" pero con colores pasteles, y de siempre mi combinación favorita son el azul y el rosa (si te fijas la uso en casi todas mis ilustraciones).
      Me dio un poco de rabia cuando ya me di cuenta de que eran como los del Peggy Sue's, pero total sus locales son adorables también xDD así que al final hasta me hizo gracia ponerle el nombre :P