November 19, 2014

Doodles: Rinoa Heartilly

This time I've been practicing face expressions with my favourite character ever, Rinoa Heartilly!

Final Fantasy VIII has always been my favourite video game, it was one of the first ones I played when I got my first Playstation. I remember the first time I played it, a friend brought it to my home and we started playing it, with NO memory card xD but we were so amused that we played the whole Disc 1 in just one night, non stop! xDD
After that I got my own FFVIII and I played it for more than 100 hours...! I was so fascinated by its beautiful scenarios, amazing music and of course its characters... I fell so much in love with Squall and Rinoa's love story, it makes me feel so romantic... sigh ;____;

I can say Final Fantasy VIII changed my life, I'm a video game obsessed thanks to it! :D

 Rinoa had everything to be my favourite character: she wears blue - my favourite colour-,
she always speaks her mind, she's a rebel, and she was born in March and has a dog! YAY! xD

I also found this fan art I did many years ago (I think 2009), when I was starting to learn
how to paint digitally and, as always, she was a great inspiration

(。♥‿♥。) !

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  1. Ay! Qué morriña me dan tus Rinoas!

    Cuando me traje mi ps2 de Bilbao decidí rejugarm el FFVIII y me ecnontré una desagradable sorpresa: el disco 1 no tiraba bien y me faltab el disco 3 Aunque pregunté en casa nadie sabe nada del disco que falta. Fue una bajona muy grande.

    Cuando lo sacaron yo dudaba entre comprarme la PSX o la Nintendo 64, creo..? Bueno , la duda en realidad era entre El ocarina of time y este. Mi tío me lo ensñó y me decidí de inmediato XDD

    En mi caso el personaje que más me gustaba era Zell, y me pillaba viciadas al Triple triad XD Qué recuerdos :3