February 5, 2014

"Frozen" Disney princesses fan art

I couldn't finish this Disney Princesses collection without these two lovely sisters... ;)

Since I watched "Frozen" I'm totally obsessed with it! So I had a wonderful time working on this illustration, drawing this beautiful dresses while listening to its soundtrack... (now I know all the lyrics! xDD)

I can't wait to draw Anna and Elsa again, and Kristoff, Olaff, oh and Hans, my dear Hans...

This illustration is bigger than usual (for me),
so here are some close-ups and sketches to see every detail!

I've spent hours and hours drawing all the details of their clothes... and I had A LOT of fun doing it.
I'm really amazed by the costume designs of this movie *o*

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  1. Ay, qué bonitooooo. Me encanta esta serie de Disney que estás haciendo :D