January 24, 2013

TOMB RAIDER fan art: Step by Step

Everybody knows the famous video game series TOMB RAIDER, of which I am a HUGE fan since I got my first Playstation with just 12 years old (though I confess that my favorite thing was killing Lara Croft in every possible way... xD).
Now I can't tell how excited I am for the upcoming new release, REBORN, and see how they've renewed the story and see Lara in a different way, facing new challenges as an unexperienced explorer.

And now let's talk about the illustration itself!

I made it for a private commission, and the most important when asking for a commission is telling me exactly what you want: a certain pose and/or background, character's facial expression. In this case the commissioner told me he wanted the "Reborn" Lara Croft from the new video game, which means wet clothes, arch as a weapon and a wild background.

After looking lots of pics of the game and photos of how to handle an arch (@__@), I started doing sketches. At first I was going to make a full body shot but then I cropped it to an american shot to focus on her face and the arch.

Then it's time to make some colour testing, all the color scheme is based on the typical turquoise of Lara Croft's t-shirt, to make her more recognisable. And now it's time for the good stuff!: shadows, lights and, most important, the wet effect with a looot of little drops.
It is important to use different brushes for each texture, for example I use a soft type to paint the skin and a harder one for the hair.

Lara looks so cool with an arch... I can't wait to play this new video game! T^T

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